The ‘21 Jump Street’ Sequel Will Be Called ‘22 Jump Street’

Following in the tradition of sequel titles like Ocean’s Twelve and The Whole Ten Yards, Sony announced in a press release yesterday that the follow-up to 21 Jump Street will be called 22 Jump Street. The previous movie, a remake of the ‘80s show of the same name, came out last spring and earned good reviews and a ton of money at the box office, a rare feat for a big-budget studio comedy these days. Sony began developing the sequel to 21 Jump Street last year, before the first movie even hit theaters. It was previously announced that Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, and Ice Cube will be returning for 22 Jump Street, along with directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Hill and Michael Bacall, who wrote 21 Jump Street together, are currently working on the script for 22, which finds the central duo going undercover at college this time around. Get ready to hear Ice Cube make some meta jokes about the movie being called 22 Jump Street in the sequel and the police precinct moving across the street from itself, probably.

The ‘21 Jump Street’ Sequel Will Be Called ‘22 Jump […]