The Best Moments from John Oliver’s First Week as ‘Daily Show’ Host

John Oliver has successfully made it through his first week as summer guest host of The Daily Show while Jon Stewart is off directing his first movie, Rosewater. In his first run of shows, which was mainly devoted to covering the NSA surveillance scandal, Oliver has proven to be a natural fit to the program and has made a graceful transition to the anchor’s chair that has seen him match Jon Stewart’s ratings on the premiere and score just as many laughs with the studio audience as Stewart usually does. Oliver hasn’t made any significant changes to The Daily Show since temporarily taking over, but he’s proven adept as host and injected the show with some freshness. Check out some highlights from his first week behind the desk below:

Oliver’s first segment as host, covering the NSA controversy:

Oliver doing a bit with the rest of the show’s news team:

Oliver interviewing UK comedy auteur Armando Iannucci, creator of Veep, The Thick of It, Alan Partridge, and tons more:

Oliver covering the Republican response to the NSA scandal:

Oliver reminiscing with musician Mavis Staples and a song from her:

Oliver covering gay rights stories at home and abroad:

The Best Moments from John Oliver’s First Week as […]