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The Family Trailer: Mobster De Niro Retires in France

Robert De Niro, the Rolling Stones, Brooklyn, and a title card bearing the name of Scorsese: We know where this is heading, right? Not right, because rather than heading straight into Goodfellas rehash territory, The Family is heading to France, where De Niro’s a family man living in witness protection after snitching on the mob. Michelle Pfeiffer is his wife, and she reclaims the good name of America by bombing a grocery store after her inability to speak French is insulted. You’ll also find Tommy Lee Jones and Glee’s Dianna Agron. It’s a little disappointing that Luc Besson gets referred to as the producer of Taken rather than as the writer-director behind The Fifth Element and Léon: The Professional, though, oui?

The Family Trailer: Mobster De Niro Retires