The FBI Is Using a ‘Portlandia’ Sketch in Intelligence Classes

The FBI is using a sketch from IFC’s Portlandia in its training program, according to The Hollywood Reporter. An instructor at the FBI Academy in Virginia approached the show’s producers in April to request to use the “Sanitation Twins” sketch from the second season, in which Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownsein play a brother and sister educating the public on recycling. “This falls under the surreal category,” Brownstein says. “We granted permission, although he didn’t tell us why he was interested … Maybe they’re just making fun of us?” The instructor asked to use the sketch for the FBI’s advanced intelligence classes, which cover espionage, terrorism, IP theft, and other crimes.

Check out the sketch in question below and maybe you can figure out why the FBI is teaching with it:

The FBI Is Using a ‘Portlandia’ Sketch in Intelligence […]