The Upcoming ‘Arrested Development’ Soundtrack Will Include the Full Version of ‘Getaway’ and More

There’s plenty of music in the new season of Arrested Development, from “Getaway” to the score of Tobias’s Fantastic Four musical. And soon you’ll be able to listen to the full versions of those songs without any pesky hilarious dialogue playing over them, as there’s an official Arrested Development soundtrack in the works by AD composer David Schwartz. It’ll include both original songs as well as the score to the show, which seems like it’d be kind of weird to listen to on its own. But hey, I’m not here to judge.

Schwartz says a medley of songs from the Fantastic Four knockoff musical will likely be featured on the soundtrack; he’s also pushing to include an expanded version of “Balls in the Air,” the 1980s-style power anthem from Season 3. “There are hundreds of pieces [that could wind up on the soundtrack], but I think I’ve cut it down to 40 or 50 so far,” Schwartz says of selecting the songs. “I’ve received so many requests and now I’m trying to whittle it down.”

The soundtrack should be headed to iTunes before too long, with a potential vinyl pressing being released as well. Below, listen to a longer studio copy of “Getaway,” and imagine GOB getting the hell away from you.

The Upcoming ‘Arrested Development’ Soundtrack Will […]