The Vine 5 Film Festival: The Internship

Vine is a toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very least, challenges comedians to bring a little more laughter into this world. Every Tuesday we showcase five of the funniest short shorts of the past week.

Your RSS feed might be difficult and not show the videos, but trust us - they are there.

Vine came around to Androids last Monday, resulting in some awkward first posts. Dan Harmon is probably going to be too busy to learn how to make more visually stunning effects than in his initial effort:

Megan Amram has claimed that this inaugural vine of hers will also be her last, her exact words being “THIS IS THE ONLY VINE I’M GONNA EVER DO SO U BETTER LIKE IT!!!!!!!” That is seven exclamation points:

Erik Griffin complained about an apparent syncing issue with the Android version of the app, and veteran users like King Bach were not very welcoming to the newcomers.

All the same, here are the top vines from the past week:

“My Interns Were Late For Work and Obviously Hungover”

By Keelayjams

Between working as a clothing brand designer by day and making distinctive vines at night, Keelayjams was more in need for some free help as much as anybody else. Unfortunately, the two heads of lettuce that responded to his ad on craigslist appear to be unmotivated to do anything other than party. Still, those kids might have a future somewhere when you consider Keelay’s output so far this month, which included a clever, technically impressive office prank.

“Twins Talkin’$2 15”

By Ted Travelstead

As you may have guessed if you bother to read titles, there are several other installments of the Travelstead Twins series. I don’t think I am speaking out of school when I say that Ted plays both of the bearded men, one more prone to palling around with rain fearing imaginary people than the other.

“Bring Snacks”

By Jenny Wade

Actress Jenny Wade made an appearance at the V5FF once before as a guest star on a James Urbaniak vine, and now she has branched out in her own six second vehicle. The timing is perfect, managing a non-rushed pan of the entire table that our protagonist wants no part of before Wade can mouth the words “help me”, making certain each syllable is perfectly decipherable. If you could bring snacks - Wade didn’t have enough time to complain about the food being served - that would also be excellent.

“Respect Women”

By Shelby Fero

My favorite second or two of the six second video “Respect Women” - besides the overall respecting of women obviously - is Fero’s complete and utter look of self-satisfaction on her face after she makes the correct adjustment to her google search. For what it’s worth, according to google trends, the peak search interest for “big tits” was all the way back in December of 2007. However, there is apparently not enough search volume to show a graph for “big tits being respected,” so there remains a ways to go.

“This Is the Sketch My Arena Heavy Metal Band ‘Metalpope’ Does to Start Every Show”

By Bill Stiteler

Most of Bill Stiteler’s vines are shot by recording an already produced video from his computer, which is kind of cheating unless the vine happens to be funny, in which case it is clever. Metalpope’s opening thesis statement at their shows is clever.

Playing in Theater 2

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Recreating Classic Movie Lines by Alison Stevenson

Zooey is going to have a lot more job opportunities.

#HowTo Babysit Jason Nash’s Kid by Brittany Furlan

Not only did Furlan and Jason Nash collaborate on a few funny vids last week, Brittany and Marcus Johns shot the same scene from different points of view in a possible Vine first.

The Comedy Stylings of Donny Dryerlint by Tom Megalis

It is no surprise that Donny has a solid laundry chunk.

LET’S ROCK!!! Part 1 by Ry Doon

Ry Doon rocks, but a few days later he was getting dirty looks for a different reason.

NOT… by Nate Corddry

The former Daily Show correspondent had trouble getting his story straight at Toys R’ Us.

The Vine 5 Film Festival: The Internship