This Week in Comedy: Dave Chappelle is Back On Tour, Bob and David Are Back Together (For a Sketch)

-Funny or Die announced The Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival live tour featuring Dave Chappelle, Flight of the Conchords, Hannibal Buress, Kristen Schaal, John Mulaney, and more.

-Scott Aukerman revealed that Mr. Show’s David Cross and Bob Odenkirk will be reuniting to perform a sketch on the new season of his hit IFC show, Comedy Bang! Bang!. In honor of this, we ranked the 24 Best Mr. Show Sketches Ever.

-Comedy Central ordered a new stand-up series, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail; FX ordered both a new sitcom starring Kelsey Grammar and Martin Lawrence as lawyers and Man Seeking Women, a pilot created by ex-SNL writer Simon Rich and produced by Lorne Michaels; David Cross sold a show to Showtime; and Chris Hardwick revealed details regarding his new Comedy Central late night game show, @Midnight.

-We interviewed Jenny Slate about her web series Catherine; Vernon Chatman, founding member of production company PFFR (Wonder Showzen, Delocated) about his crazy new book; newly-minted Comedy Central stand-ups Sean Patton and Baron Vaughn; and Beijing-resident and cross-cultural comedian Jesse Appell.

-We paid tribute to recently deceased Second City co-founder, Bernie Sahlins, and just try not to shed a tear as Stephen Colbert does the same for his mother.

-We sang the praises of Tom Lehrer, the original musical satirist, remembered Peter Aykroyd, defended The King of Queens, and roasted CBS’s $h*! My Dad Says.

-In comedy music: Rick Moranis’ new album, My Mother’s Brisket & Other Love Songs, is out now and the team behind popular comedy podcast Superego is releasing a country rock album, Mount Us More, due out July 2.

-The trailer for Anchorman 2 dropped.

-Patton Oswalt wrote a thought-provoking blog post on the most controversial issues in stand-up comedy: thievery, heckling, and rape jokes.

-Dan Harmon criticized the latest season of Community and then apologized for it.

-We recommended the week’s best podcasts, the week’s best Vine videos, the Twitter feed of Lindsay Gartner, and this supercut of Troy McClure listing every movie he’s made.

And here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Josh Fadem - “Josh Fadem Wants the News”

Edmond Hawkins - “Charades”

Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp - Catherine, Episode 4 (via JASH)

Dr. Patient - “Poker Night”

briTANicK - “Totally Real ‘Much Ado’ Cast Interviews”

This Week in Comedy: Dave Chappelle is Back On Tour, […]