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Runner, Runner Trailer: Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck Gambling in a Tree …

Ben Affleck or Justin Timberlake? Justin Timberlake or Ben Affleck? It’s like 1998 all over again! Which name will you circle with a heart in your notebook? Who’s photo are you going to tape inside your locker? Who will emerge victorious from this international online gambling ring?  Okay, that last question is new and very specific to Runner, Runner. In it, Timbers stars as a kid (with an indeterminate accent) who plays online poker to pay for his tuition. He wins a bunch, but then he loses and it has something to do with Ben Affleck. Affleck offers him a job and good things happen until bad things happen. Eventually, they put their faces super close together and you’re like, “Just do it!!!!” On September 27, we’ll find out if and for how long they kiss.

Timberlake and Affleck in Runner, Runner Trailer