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Last Night on Late Night: Vince Vaughn’s Revenge Interrogation on Jay Leno

Last night on The Tonight Show, Vince Vaughn flipped the snobbery right back at Jay Leno with a vindictive interrogation of his own. “Well, you were taking shots at me,” explained Vaughn. “What? Am I supposed to all of a sudden, like, lay down and say, ‘Oh, Jay, I can only imagine how you dazzled in science class?’” Earlier, Leno had mocked the actor’s academic achievements. Plus: Neil Patrick Harris, who is also producing the Tony Awards Sunday, June 9, promised a “bigger” opening given the amplitude of Radio City Music Hall. And for a taste of what’s to come, he shared a rehearsal scene of what looks like the Electric Slide. Also, Ellen Page juggled, thereby reliving the “lonely sadness of a child.” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Vince Vaughn’s Revenge Interrogation on Jay Leno