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Vulture Readers on What TV Shows They Divorced

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Last week Margaret Lyons shared her heartbreaking tale of show-divorcing Revenge and asked readers for their sad stories. Many were itching to share theirs of love gone awry. Here are the shows most often divorced by readers this season and the reasons for the splits:

The show most likely to be served with divorce papers this season was Glee.

“The most emotionally manipulative show on television, and although the subject matter hits sensitive notes, the ‘Shooting Star’ episode was the one that [showed me it] was time to break up with this show. Not to mention, Glee’s tendency to constantly take whatever is trendy or newsworthy in popular culture and put its own spin on it more often then not ends up being completely cringeworthy, and enough to not make me feel like I need to watch the remaining episodes.” —Commenter johaumes

“It’s turned into a monster (along with Will Schuester’s character). I don’t think they understand (or care) about character development.” —Commenter nerdpolice

“I just couldn’t with Glee this past year. Once they were out of high school and somehow living in a huge loft and getting Vogue staff positions (HUH?) as 18 year old’s in NYC … I had to let that shit go.” —Commenter Everlast81

Community, Revenge, and Modern Family were divorced at about equal rates:

Readers were willing to give Community another shot if Harmon were to return (he will be):

I filed for separation from Community but I didn’t move out of the house yet.” —Commenter gmon

“I left Community a couple eps in; it was hard to abandon the actors, very hard, I felt guilty, but ultimately mommy needs more lovin.” —Commenter Jim03

“The first post-Harmon episode was so bad, I turned it off in the middle. But I checked back later in the season and found it less awful. Will give it another shot when Harmon comes back.” —Commenter alme

“I watched maybe the first 3 episodes of [Modern Family] this season, and it simply wasn’t funny anymore. Worn out its welcome.” —Commenter longlegs

Modern Family is fine but repetitive and getting broader and not clever enough to get away with it. The women characters (and Cameron) have just gotten beyond annoying and I think I watch it more because it’s on than anything else.” —Commenter Tecumseh

“I filed for divorce from Revenge by the third episode of the 2nd season. Maybe it’s the fact that it was moved to Sundays, a night with much better shows on and I needed to leave room on the DVR for gems such as Dexter and Walking Dead. I found myself so unattached from the storyline I was once glued to, the introduction of that Aidan character bored me to death and somewhat confused me. I will not even use the summer to catch up with where I left off, bon voyage Emily Thorne.” —Commenter sixdegrees

Revenge left me totally cold. It just didn’t make sense any more, and all the intrigue and sex appeal just seemed to vanish this season.” —Commenter njl250

“My DVR spontaneously stopped recording Revenge about halfway through the season, and I just didn’t bother to seek it out again. I figured it was a sign from the universe.” —Commenter TheNext_MrsBass

The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, and True Blood tied for the third most popular divorced shows.

“I stopped watching Once Upon a Time when no one seemed creeped out by the fact that hot Pinocchio, who had been asking Emma out on dates last season, was suddenly de-aged into a little boy to be Emma’s son’s playmate. Gah. And when some random character killed Pinocchio with a taser, and apparently no one at ABC — not even the interns — stopped to say before airing the episode, ‘Hey, does electricity work on wood?’” —Commenter Aravis

“I divorced Once Upon a Time by the end of this season. I can’t keep going through the motions with the evil queen, and I’m sure as hell not going to Neverland to get that annoying kid back.” —Commenter Miss_Priss

“[Walking Dead is] pulling their punches. By this time in the comic, so many more characters are dead and relationships have changed/formed. When Season 3 ended, I realized you simply can’t keep a zombie television show exciting forever if you are not willing to make good on the established stakes.” —Commenter jsowers

“There are so very many things about [The Walking Dead] that are frustratingly stupid, but allowing the idiotic villain ‘The Governor’ to live through the season was the last straw. Sorry, zombies. Done and done.” — Commenter Potatosolution

“True Blood was trashy and gothy, and no doubt, was a fun ride. Now [it’s] just embarrassing.” —Commenter mllehaha

Vulture Readers on What TV Shows They Divorced