Watch Andy Samberg Rap-Spell a Very Long, Very Silly Name

Welcome to another Wack Wednesday, the Lonely Island’s promotion for their new record, The Wack Album, in which they release a new song or video every Wednesday until the album’s June 11 release. Wait, June 11? That makes this the last Wack Wednesday. Oh, ad campaigns grow up so fast. Since it’s the last one, it makes perfect sense for Andy Samberg to introduce himself. He does so in this video by spelling out his name one letter and punctuation mark at a time. The name he spells: “Dude that has sex with pigs for mon­ey but only as a side thing right now. I’m just short on cash and have irons ­in the fire, but in this economy it’ll ­have to do. My name is Lenny.” Good rap name, guys!

Watch Andy Samberg Rap-Spell a Very Long Name