Watch John Oliver Take Over for Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’

Last night was Jon Stewart’s final episode of The Daily Show for three months, while he takes his first-ever hiatus from the fake news program to direct his first movie, the geopolitical prison drama Rosewater. Here’s his heartfelt goodbye at the end of the episode, which summer fill-in host John Oliver interrupts to measure the set for his new redesign. Oliver takes over Monday.

Check out the rest of Stewart’s last Daily Show for a while below, which features him explaining how Rosewater grew out of a terrible situation in which journalist Maziar Bahari was detained and brutally interrogated in an Iranian prison for 118 days as a result of being interviewed by The Daily Show’s Jason Jones, replays that clip, explains his movie, and, of course, investigates Brooklyn’s new bike share program:

Watch John Oliver Take Over for Jon Stewart on ‘The […]