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Watch the First Full Trailer for Larry David’s HBO Movie, Clear History

Larry David was almost unrecognizable in the first teaser for his upcoming HBO movie, Clear History. However, the first full trailer reveals that the massive wigs and high spirits are temporary, and he actually spends most of the movie looking and acting like Larry David. David’s character was working for Jon Hamm, developing an electric car, but quit because of its dumb name (“The Howard”), only for it to go on to make billions. As a result, David’s character changes his identity and moves to a small Massachusetts island, only to have Hamm unknowingly move there, too. The cast includes Bill Hader, Michael Keaton, Amy Ryan, Eva Mendes, and Danny McBride. It premieres on August 10. Get excited – do not curb your enthusiasm. (Get it? Like the show.)

Watch Larry David’s Clear History First Trailer