‘We Can’t Stop’ Video: Miley Cyrus Makes Out With the Barbie Version of Herself

She does plenty of other things, too — dances with a gigantic teddy-bear backpack, breaks a piñata full of breakfast food, twerks on the stationary bike, takes her taxidermy collection for a walk, and spends far too much time lounging alone making Maxim face in her bed. (It’s a party, Miley, go outside.) But if you are looking for a quick summary of what it is like to be at a party with Miley Cyrus, then the Barbie scene paints a decent picture; pretty much all you will do is watch Miley’s tongue flop around in an attempt to make out with her all-grown-up, very sexy self. It’s her house, we guess.

Watch Miley Cyrus’s ‘We Can’t Stop’ Video