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This Is Us Trailer: All the One Direction Baby Photos You Could Hope For

If you, for some reason, heard that Morgan Spurlock would be directing One Direction’s behind-the-scenes concert film and thought, Great! I cannot wait to watch a searing portrait of boy-band life and fast food in 2013, then … yeah, that is not what 1D: This Is Us is about. Like every other piece of One Direction media, it is about the boy band’s harmless charm. And also crying moms; crying teens; Harry Styles flirting with the ladies at the bakery where he used to work; Harry Styles getting pantsed onstage; One Direction eating sushi; One Direction floating across stadiums on a giant trapeze; and One Direction explaining to you once and for all why they refuse to dance (they don’t want to be like other boy bands). In short, this is a movie for teens. Which is great! It’s just important to know what you’re watching.

Watch One Direction’s This Is Us Trailer