Watch the Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt Cover a Fan Favorite Bob’s Burgers Song

Before its third season’s finale, we had the Bob’s Burgers writing staff rank the series’ best songs. No fan was surprised with the top choice: “Electric Love” from the season-three episode “Topsy.” It tells the story of Thomas Edison’s love for his elephant Topsy, which eventually lead to Topsy being electrocuted. The song is super great. Not just for a cartoon, but for music in general, what with its multipart harmony and soaring vocals from Megan Mullally and Kevin Kline. It also features the best lyric ever: “They’ll say, ‘Aww Topsy’ at my autopsy.” This makes it perfect for the second installment in the “Bob’s Buskers” series, in which great artists cover one of the show’s songs and then the show’s animators animate it. We previously featured St. Vincent covering “Bad Girls Theme,” and now we have the Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt, with the help of Kiki and Herb’s Kenny Mellman as Thomas Edison (and cameos from the whole Belcher family). You’ll throw popcorn in the air in celebration of this beautiful electric love.

Watch Stephin Merritt Cover a Bob’s Burgers Song