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Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Trailer: Steve Coogan Fights Crime, Watches YouTube Videos

Steve Coogan’s most famous character, Alan Partridge, is ready for his close-up — a close-up he’s been coveting for over twenty years, across multiple platforms. Alpha Papa has Partridge still working as a North Norfolk radio host, when a big media conglomerate buys his station. The real action of the movie starts when his fellow D.J. Pat (Colm Meaney) gets fired, goes crazy, and takes the station hostage. Partridge is asked to be a middle man between the maniac and the police, and not surprisingly loves the attention. The film is set to open on August 7 in the U.K. No U.S. date has been set yet, so it appears our summer vacation plans have planned themselves.

Watch the Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Trailer