soulja boy don't tell em

Watch The Bachelorette’s Rap Video With Soulja Boy

Accidentally leaked ahead of time, the Bachelorette finally made her official music-video debut last night, performing alongside the crew of men vying for her coveted rose … and Soulja Boy! The men had to participate in the video as part of a weekly challenge — not very different from the days of Bret Michael’s Rock of Love. And not surprisingly, it’s a big mess, as they talk through the song, mocking former contestants who weren’t there for the “right reasons,” natch. Even host Chris Harrison shows up at the end, his own twinkling theme mixed into the song’s beat: “And so that’s our story. That’s how it goes. But who will get, the final rose?”

You know, maybe Soulja Boy should get his own Bachelor season?

Watch The Bachelorette Rap With Soulja Boy