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10 Pop-Culture Questions Answered by Vulture This Week

Every week, Vulture faces the big, important questions in entertainment and comes to some creative conclusions. This week — our Best of TV week — we offered loads of content about all things television. And that wasn’t all! We covered Kanye West, Superman, poor Sally Draper, and more. You may have read some of these stories below, but you certainly didn’t read them all. We forgive you.

Q: I have some free time this summer and want to catch up on the year’s best shows. Where to begin?
Start by reading Margaret Lyons’s list of the 10 Best Shows You (Probably) Didn’t Watch This Season. Then browse all of our Best of TV content, which includes our picks for best drama, best physical comedian, and best oral sex faces — one of which belongs to Father-of-the-Year Don Draper.

Q: Poor Sally Draper. Is she scarred for life?
We asked a psychiatrist. There’s some hope, but Don’s definitely doing a number on her.

Q: Can somebody explain Pete’s reaction to the Bob Benson knee-tap?
Yes! Take it away, Vincent Kartheiser.

Q: I’m ready to laugh about the Red Wedding. Got any jokes for me?
Jesse David Fox has one in the form of a pie chart; other funny infographics about the show’s third season are included.

Q: What will happen in the fourth season of the show?
Here’s our best guess.

Q: What will Joffrey be up to?
Oh, #JustJoffreyThings
Q: Let’s talk music. Does Kanye West give a good interview?
Is the sky blue?

Q: When is Yeezus coming out?
Officially, June 18 — but it’s already leaked. Here are Twitter’s favorite lines from the album. Plus, the line that was predicted by New York’s Lane Brown and Logan Hill.

Q: What are the real-life Bling Ringers up to?
Here’s a run-down. You might also want a refresher on the reality show that inspired The Bling Ring. And here’s what Claire Julien, the scene-stealer of the movie, has to say about Alexis Neiers.

Q: Is Superman a boring movie superhero? 
He is! But he doesn’t have to be.

The Week in Vulture: June 10-14