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5 Shows to Watch on Hulu Right Now

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Options abound for anyone looking to stream TV, but different services have different strengths. Netflix, with Orange Is the New Black and its other high-profile series, has the best original content. Amazon Prime offers the sweetest deal. And Hulu and Hulu Plus are the best places to turn for network and cable shows that are currently on the air. In conjunction with our analysis with Hulu Plus, here are five programs available to Hulu users that are in season right now, with new episodes going online throughout the summer.

1. Moone Boy
Bridesmaids’ and Girls’ Chris O’Dowd co-wrote and stars in this British import, exclusive to Hulu, that’s kinda-sorta the actor’s own Drop Dead Fred. He plays the gangly imaginary friend of a dweeby, frequently bullied little boy in Ireland in 1989, and the show is so damn charming and adorable that you can feel it in your ovaries.

2. The Vineyard
To be clear, this show, currently airing original episodes on ABC Family, is terrible. The people are terrible, the “unscripted” docu-bullshit is terrible, and anyone who fetishizes Martha’s Vineyard is probably terrible, too. But it’s also fascinating as an exercise in reality-television pastiche: Which person is the most like someone from The Hills? Who has the biggest Road Rules–esque breakdown? Can anyone’s vocal fry compete with Gallery Girls? It really feels like a reconstituted show made up of dehydrated portions of other, more compelling series.

3. Devious Maids
“Campy” only scratches the surface of how over-the-top this Lifetime show from Marc Cherry gets. But sometimes that’s what one craves! A little absurd Susan Lucci time never hurt anyone. Devious is not quite as good as Cherry’s Desperate Housewives was in its early days, but it’s light years better than sitting through another demoralizing episode of America’s Got Talent.

4. Scandal
Not that Scandal. A different Scandal. Korean Scandal! (It’s sometimes called Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident.) Dreamy detective Eun-joong’s world gets turned upside-down when he discovers his devoted — but troubled — father isn’t actually his dad: He kidnapped Eun-joong as an act of vengeance against Eun-joong’s biological father. The show has sort of a Revenge quality, bouncing between the present day and flashbacks, with a similar kind of lip-quivering intensity. Also, romance. Someone needs to adapt this for the U.S. immediately.

5. Ink Master
For a little while after Top Chef came out, it seemed like we’d reached the end of the road for those career-based, Project Runway–esque shows. Turns out, we were wrong! Ink Masters, now in its third season on Spike and hosted by guitarist Dave Navarro, takes the tried-and-true formula and applies it to tattoo artists. And it’s great — plus, the stakes are incredibly high. If you fail to correctly poach a scallop on Top Chef, there’s no real consequence. If you give someone a garbage tattoo, they have to live with that forever. Warning: This show will make you a total snob about fancy-ass tattoos.

5 Shows to Watch on Hulu Right Now