daria's high school reunion

Aubrey Plaza Is Daria in This (Fake) Trailer for Daria: High School Reunion

Granting what seems to be the wish of the web (the clip’s tagline reads: “Dear Internet, you asked for this so we made it”), College Humor turned Aubrey Plaza into Daria for a live-action trailer for Daria: High School Reunion. And while it appears to be just a trailer, most of the gang is back (Jane, Trent, Mr. DeMartino, Kevin, Brittany, Ms. Barch, and both Morgendorffer parents). Sadly, three-fourths of the Fashion Club are missing (Tiffany!) and Brittany could use a bit more navel, but Plaza has Daria’s monotone and pout down pat.

Aubrey Plaza Does a Really Good Daria Impression