Bill Hader Is Writing for ‘South Park’ Full-Time This Season

Bill Hader has joined the South Park writing staff full-time for the show’s upcoming 17th season. Trey Parker revealed the news at Comic-Con yesterday evening while speaking at a panel for the upcoming video game South Park: The Stick of Truth with co-creator Matt Stone. Hader, who was nominated for an Emmy yesterday for his final season of Saturday Night Live, recently moved to LA.

Hader has actually been involved with South Park for years. He began working as a creative consultant for season twelve in 2008. Hader became a producer on the show the following season and has received an Emmy win and an Emmy nomination for his work on South Park, along with the rest of the staff. His commitment to Saturday Night Live has kept him from working on the show full-time, but he can now join the writing staff since he left SNL in May. Season seventeen of South Park begins airing September 25th, and unlike previous seasons, it’ll be one big 10-episode chunk instead of two smaller spring/fall blocks of episodes.

Check out a video below of Hader and Trey Parker in the recording booth from the South Park documentary 6 Days to Air:

Bill Hader Is Writing for ‘South Park’ Full-Time This […]