Chris Hardwick to Host His Fourth TV Show: ‘Talking Bad’

Comedian and podcaster Chris Hardwick is set to break some kind of record for hosting the most simultaneous TV shows at once. At Comic-Con this weekend, Hardwick was announced as the host of Talking Bad, the new half-hour after-show that will accompany the AMC drama’s final season beginning August 11th. The network announced the show in May, but this is the first we’ve heard of Hardwick being the host. This marks the fourth current television show Hardwick is hosting, joining BBC America’s The Nerdist, AMC’s post-Walking Dead chat show Talking Dead, and Comedy Central’s new 12am game show @Midnight, which is set to debut this fall. Somebody will have probably given Hardwick a fifth show by the time I finish typing this sentence.

Chris Hardwick to Host His Fourth TV Show: ‘Talking […]