Christopher Guest Teases a Spinal Tap 30th Anniversary Reunion in 2014

Next year marks the 30th anniversary of This Is Spinal Tap’s release, and in a new interview, Christopher Guest, teased the possibility of some sort of a reunion in 2014. When asked by The Guardian if there are plans for a Spinal Tap reunion soon, Guest replied, “We get asked to do shows on a regular basis. But what I will say is that we’re in the midst of talking about something for next year…” Guest also reflected on all of the things the fake band has accomplished over the last three decades, saying, “Since the film 30 years ago we’ve gone on tour, playing Wembley, the Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall… It’s weird but great. The fiction became real.” Spinal Tap last reunited in 2009 when Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer did a tour called “Unwigged & Unplugged,” in which they played Spinal Tap and A Mighty Wind songs, and they also did gigs as Spinal Tap at London’s Wembley Arena and the Glastonbury Festival. They released their third studio album, Back from the Dead, in 2009, as well.

Check out a performance from Guest, McKean, and Shearer’s Unwigged & Unplugged tour below:

Christopher Guest Teases a Spinal Tap 30th Anniversary […]