Danny McBride Was Rushed to the Hospital After an ‘Eastbound & Down’ Rollerskating Accident

Danny McBride had a small accident yesterday while filming Eastbound & Down’s upcoming fourth seasonTMZ reports that while filming a scene involving his character Kenny Powers rollerskating, McBride fell hard. Producers sent him to the hospital after he was in a lot of pain, but he was quickly released and is totally fine. “I busted my ass on roller skates,” McBride commented. “The roller skates won.”

The new season of the show (spoilers follow) picks up with Kenny Powers a several years after the season three finale, in which he got back into the majors but faked his death to be with April Buchanon and his kid. Powers will be living with his family in North Carolina and dealing with hard-partying athlete Guy Young (played by Ken Marino) and weirdo neighbor Gene (played by Tim Heidecker). And now thanks to the report of this injury, we know he’ll be rollerskating at some point.

Danny McBride Was Rushed to the Hospital After an […]