Early Reviews of ‘The World’s End’ Are Unanimously Positive

It’s still over a month before Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s new comedy The World’s End comes out in the States on August 23rd, but the first reviews are now in and they are overwhelmingly positive. The Hollywood Reporter calls it “a fast and funny action comedy undercut by moments of midlife nostalgia – the whole shebang held together by terrifically wrought performances, especially from the punch-drunk Pegg.” Variety writes, “The core five thesps interlock tightly as an ensemble; the horsepower of their collective comic timing makes some of the chatty, interstitial dialogue note-perfect, even if they’re just shooting the shit,” while observing that the movie is “a fraction less gut-bustingly goofy than its predecessors.” That’s to be expected given that Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are tough acts to follow, but given the unanimous praise The World’s End is receiving so far, it just might be as well-liked as the other two movies from this gang and go down as the second good apocalypse comedy of the summer.

Early Reviews of ‘The World’s End’ Are Unanimously […]