‘Grown Ups 2’ Somehow Had a Bigger Opening Than the Original ‘Grown Ups’

The slightest of several terrible things that happened this weekend was Grown Ups 2 becoming a big hit. While a poorly-reviewed Adam Sandler movie making a ton of money is nothing new, what’s surprising about this is that Grown Ups 2 made more money than the original, despite receiving worse reviews and the fact that audiences knew what to expect from a Grown Ups movie going in this time around.

Grown Ups 2 grossed $42.5 million its opening weekend, recouping more than half of its $80 million budget in just a few days. It came in pretty close behind Despicable Me 2’s $44.7 and narrowly beating Pacific Rim’s $38.3. The original Grown Ups opened to $40.5 million, but the new one beat it slightly despite being in fewer theaters. So, this means the Grown Ups franchise is on an upward trend, meaning that Grown Ups 3 is probably going to be a real thing that we can complain about on the internet without seeing in three years.

‘Grown Ups 2’ Somehow Had a Bigger Opening Than the […]