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Photos: Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and Kathryn Hahn on the Set of Squirrels to the Nuts

Photo by Mark Peterson Photo: Mark Peterson/New York Magazine

As temperatures in Gotham rose into triple digits last week, the National Weather Service implored New Yorkers to stay indoors and crank the air-conditioning. Among the stars of Peter Bogdanovich’s upcoming comedy, Squirrels to the Nuts — starring Owen Wilson as a Broadway director who casts a prostitute (Brie Larson) — only Jennifer Aniston seems to have listened. At the July 16 shoot, on 94th Street between Madison and Fifth, she spent two hours in a trailer, for makeup and wardrobe tests, then fled the set in a Town Car.

Aniston’s co-stars, meanwhile, risked sunstroke to shoot two scenes, one in which Wilson and Kathryn Hahn rode around the block in a cab, and another in which they exited a limo and entered an apartment building with child actors in tow. Between takes, Hahn sipped water, and Bogdanovich, directing his first feature since 2001’s The Cat’s Meow, was fanned by an assistant. But Wilson, dressed in jeans and a sport coat, seemed perfectly comfortable. “He handled the heat the best out of anybody,” says photographer Mark Peterson, who captured the scene for New York. “Except, when he took the jacket off, you could see he was sweating.”

Despite his superhuman ability to project coolness, Wilson didn’t draw much attention from the dozens of paparazzi there to shoot Aniston. “He walked right through them, but I think I was the only one who took a picture,” says Peterson.

*This article originally appeared in the July 29, 2013 issue of New York Magazine

Photos: On the Set of Squirrels to the Nuts