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Joel McHale Is Already Planning a Welcome-Back Party for Dan Harmon

Joel McHale. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Patrick McMullan

Joel McHale is “over the moon” about Dan Harmon’s return to Community, the actor told us last night at a screening of Red 2 hosted by the Cinema Society. “We’re going to have a party, no joke,” he added. “We are literally having a party in early August. I’m very excited. Believe me, I am so excited that he is back this season.” Should the fifth season of the show wind up being its last, McHale has retirement plans in place. “I’m retiring next year,” he said. “That’s my plan right now. That might change. I would go off and jet ski. I have a lot of plans that might not necessarily go through. I want to be a taxidermist as well … When I retire, I’m going to do all the dangerous things that I don’t do now. Like scuba diving. Or base jumping. Get those out of the way. Like Seinfeld says, those sports where if you’re alive doing them, you’re doing them right. Like scuba diving or hang gliding: I’m alive! I can’t believe it!” Dan Harmon’s welcome-back party will be fun.

Joel McHale Planning Harmon’s Welcome-Back Party