squashed beef

Justin Bieber and Bill Clinton Settled Their Differences

TMZ recently released a video of Justin Bieber pissing in a mop bucket at a New York club, then following up the mature act by spraying a portrait of Bill Clinton and saying, “Fuck Bill Clinton!” Since there’s absolutely no way to understand this development, Daily Intelligencer took the liberty of speculating on why Bieber would possibly have a beef with the former president. Now we might never know, because apparently the two have gotten on the phone or Skype or Gchat and hashed it out. “@billclinton thanks for taking the time to talk Mr. President,” Bieber tweeted Wednesday night. “Your words meant alot. #greatguy.” This was a couple hours after Bieber tweeted, “In life u will make mistakes and people will try and tear u down…but u gotta stay positive. Stay strong..and learn to be better..and always live to serve others and The Lord. #growingeveryday.” Keep growing, li’l Biebus.

Justin Bieber and Bill Clinton Are Cool Now