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Kanye West Now a Felony Suspect After Attacking Photographer at LAX

Kanye West’s unfortunate outburst at a photographer on Friday has turned into a not-inconsequential criminal matter, as the LAPD is apparently investigating him for felony attempted robbery because he tried to wrest a camera away from the paparazzo. West, walking out of the airport to a group of photographers, had told them not to talk to him, but they did anyway. As he was about to get in a car, a TMZ video caught him turning on and scuffling with one photographer. The incident might turn out to be something of a self-fulfilling prophecy: “You’re trying to get me in trouble … so I’ll have to pay you, like, $250,000,” West said to the man before attacking him, per USA Today. Now the paparazzo, who hurt his hip in the scuffle, is pressing charges, and the police have referred the attempted robbery case to the Los Angeles County district attorney.

Check out the video:

Kanye West Attacked a Photographer at LAX