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Katy Perry’s New Album Is Called Prism, According to a Giant Golden Truck

Do you have regrets? Do they gnaw at you, prod your insomniac brain till dawn, stifle your God-given right to laugh all the way through Despicable Me 2? Well, those woes are now meaningless, as you’ll instead spend the rest of your life regretting that you weren’t part of the meeting where Katy Perry, some Capitol Records execs, and Perry’s Teenage Dream Team agreed that the best way to announce Perry’s third album would be to have an impossibly gilded eighteen-wheeler glide through Los Angeles roaring KATY PERRY •  PRISM • 102213. There is hope, though, as the mere sight of that dreamborn truck — which will visit cities beyond L.A., Perry assures — should be enough to send you into an endless euphoria. (Anyone think Gaga, who’s launching her third album Nov. 11, is upset about this development? Or is she just speeding up the plans for the ARTPOP spaceship to visit all the world’s major metropolises?)

Katy Perry Announces Prism With Giant Gold Truck