Key and Peele Are Developing an Animated Show with Comedy Central

Key and Peele might be getting animated. The stars/creators of the Comedy Central sketch show, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, told TV Line during an interview at Comic-Con that they’re developing an animated series with Comedy Central. “We’ll see if it goes,” Peele says. “It’s not a definite thing.” The hypothetical series follows 12-year-old versions of their characters Vandaveon and Mike, a pair of Key & Peele fans who outspokenly criticize the show on YouTube. “The premise would be that everyone in the school has different social media presences and everyone’s trying to get famous and these guys are good-hearted but it’s the same old, good old Mike and Van,” Peele says. “Critiquing their classmates,” Key adds. We’ll see if this show moves forward. Both Key and Peele were sure to mention that the project is “not definite,” but as Keegan-Michael Key says, “There could very easily be a Mike and Vandaveon animated series on Comedy Central.”

Check out the interview with Key and Peele in which they discuss the project below:

Key and Peele Are Developing an Animated Show with […]