Larry David Hasn’t Decided If He’s Doing More ‘Curb’ or Not

Larry David is still making up his mind about the future of Curb Your Enthusiasm – or if it even has a future. When asked if the show’s coming back at a Television Critics Associations event yesterday, the star/creator of the long-running HBO comedy series replied, “That’s not such a good question. I have not [decided]. I don’t know. I really don’t know. I couldn’t say. Ask me in six months.” David added, “I’m just an indecisive fellow. You should see me at a restaurants. It’s a big decision to decide to do a season of that show. I don’t take it lightly.”

While Larry David isn’t working on a new Curb season currently, the HBO movie he wrote and starred in, Clear History, is set to premiere August 10th.  “I was thinking about Curb or thinking about doing a movie and I thought, you know, perhaps it’s time I try something else so I decided to do the movie,” David explains. “I was thinking of either doing one or the other. I just thought it was time to try something else … We’ll see how this goes. I could do a film every six or seven or eight years.”

Curb Your Enthusiasm’s eighth season ended in September of 2011, and this has been the longest break Larry David has ever taken from the show. David’s longtime costar Cheryl Hines left the show after season seven to work on the ABC sitcom Suburgatory, and his other costars Jeff Garlin and JB Smoove recently landed gigs on network sitcoms ABC’s The Goldbergs and CBS’s The Millers, respectively, so they’d be unlikely to return full-time unless one of those shows gets canceled before Curb’s hypothetical new season starts up. Season nine of Curb might just end up being Larry David and Richard Lewis sitting around a coffee shop wondering where everybody went.

Larry David Hasn’t Decided If He’s Doing More ‘Curb’ […]