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Lindsay Lohan More Talented Than Marilyn Monroe, Says Canyons Director

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

For the latest take on these oft-compared troubled starlets, we have director Paul Schrader. “I think Lohan has more natural acting talent than Monroe did, but, like Monroe, her weakness is her inability to fake it,” Schrader writes in the latest issue of Film Comment. “She feels she must be experiencing an emotion in order to play it.” While wrangling Lohan during the shoot of The Canyons, Schrader experienced plenty of emotions of his own, which he attributes to Lohan’s “tardiness, unpredictability, tantrums, absences, neediness, [and] psychodrama,” though he claims the end result was worth it: “A director can shoot around misbehavior. He can’t shoot around lack of charisma.”

Lindsay Lohan More Talented Than Marilyn Monroe?