Louis C.K. Loves Woody Allen’s Buddy Comedy Idea

Photo: Jimi Celeste/, Harel Rintzler/

Earlier this week, we learned that Woody Allen, after working with him briefly on Blue Jasmine, became “such a great fan” of Louis C.K.’s that he wants to do a “fun picture” with him eventually. He tried for this summer, but couldn’t get the “right idea.” Which had us wondering whether Louis had any idea about Allen’s feelings and was as enthusiastic about the idea. The New York Times asked him, and he responded with this particularly endearing story about working on Blue Jasmine:

“I had this three-day part and I figured I’m a tourist on this movie. All I want is a little Woody moment to take home with me. It was so fun, and we had lunch, and I thought having lunch with him was my rewarding moment. And then after lunch, we shot one more scene and I got a big laugh on the set, and I thought, that’s my Woody moment. He had said, ‘I want to talk to you for a minute,’ and I thought, what’s Woody going to ask me for? If he wanted to put me in another movie, he would just call my people. It wouldn’t go down like that. What’s the biggest thing I could hope for? My expectations could only go down. I thought, O.K., he has a nephew who wants to be an intern on my show. Or he wants to ask me about Web sites because he feels like he should get into the Internet and it’s a little mysterious for him. Then he pulled me aside and he said, ‘Listen, I wanted to ask you if you’d be interested in something. What if we were in a movie together, you and me?’ I said, ‘Of course I’d love to do that.’ And he said, ‘Could you do it next summer?’ which is now, and I said, ‘Sure, no problem.’ I was restraining myself.” 

That was the last Louis had heard from Allen. Not wanting to shake the boat, he resigned to never telling anyone about it: “The last thing I need for him is to read in the trades that I’m talking to everybody about it.” He continues, “I’ve told more people than I thought I should, but I’ve sworn them to secrecy. So when I saw something on Google about ‘Louie/Woody Allen buddy-picture possibility,’ I thought, Who told? And then I read that it was him, I was like, Thank God I don’t have to keep it a secret anymore.” He’s still incredulous about it actually happening but says he’d “love to do it.” We’d also love for them to do it. Come on, Woody, think up something. Here’s an idea: A Woody Allen type runs into his friend, a Louis C.K. type, on the streets of Manhattan, and they decide to catch up at a nearby deli. Throw in some jazz background music and you’re good to go.

Louis C.K. Loves Woody Allen’s Buddy Comedy Idea