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Oldboy Trailer: Spike Lee and Josh Brolin Tackle a Tricky Remake

If you don’t know anything about Chan-wook Park’s 2003 revenge film Oldboy, you might find yourself intrigued by this trailer for Spike Lee’s English-language remake of the film, starring Josh Brolin as a man held prisoner for years and then unexpectedly released, with no clue why he was abducted or set free. His quest for answers leads him to friendly, attractive Elizabeth Olsen and then … well, no more needs to be said, unless you have seen the 2003 version of Oldboy, in which case you’re watching this trailer wondering, Are they really going to go there? Because things might get twisted, y’all. Luckily, no matter what Lee chooses to do, you’ve got Samuel L. Jackson’s hair to amuse you. Let’s focus on that for today, hmmm? Kudos on him for pulling follicular inspiration from Stripe, the bad Gremlin.

Oldboy Trailer: Spike Lee’s Tricky Remake