Olde English Looks Back at ‘iPhone Day!’

Splitsider is thrilled to offer our first digital download, The Exquisite Corpse Project, a fantastic film from the former members of legendary sketch group Olde English. I recently sat down with the guys to look through some of their classic Olde English sketches. Here, the group looked back at a special-effects heavy video.

Caleb: Another sketch that we might want to talk about is iPhone Day!

Chioke: iPhone Day! is, technically, incredible.

Raphael: iPhone Day!’s a great looking sketch.

Caleb: That’s another Dave sketch.

Adam: Now, when you watch this, you have to remember that it was made…

Chioke: In the thirties.

[They all laugh.]

Adam: Like a month before…

Raphael: It predates iPhones.

Adam: Yeah, it predates iPhones by like two months, which is a long time ago now.

Raphael: It was all about the hype, before anyone had an iPhone, of how cool would it be to have an iPhone.

Adam: Yeah, but also, watching the video, some of the effects are kind of dated. But at the time it was like, whoa.

Caleb: We also needed a bunch of fake iPhone boxes as props for this video, and we decided that at our live show…

Raphael: Cause there no real iPhone boxes yet, because they hadn’t been released.

Caleb: So we just were like, what’s it gonna be? A white box with like a phone on it? The apple logo?

Adam: A variation on the iPod box, yeah.

Caleb: So then we had all these boxes, and at our next live show, we put them all on stage and told the audience that we were gonna give them away. We have advanced iPhones…

[They all laugh.]

Raphael: I don’t remember this.

Caleb: …and we’re gonna give them out to the audience. And we started the show, and we were like, “We’re gonna give these iPhones out,” and the whole audience was like, “Oh my god! The iPhone!” And then we were like, “We’re kidding,” and they’re like, “Fuck you!”

Adam: It was hard to film because kids, like 10-year-olds walking by, would be like, “You guys got the iPhone!” While we were filming, they would like interrupt the shoot.

The Exquisite Corpse Project is available for download for $5 from Splitsider Presents.

Olde English Looks Back at ‘iPhone Day!’