best song ever

Watch One Direction Cross-dress, Drive Teenage Fans Insane in ‘Best Song Ever’

1D and Tenacious D share not only a capital letter, but the boy band’s newest single, “Best Song Ever,” is strongly reminiscent of Tenacious D’s “Tribute” in that both songs recall other songs (the perfect songs!) they’ve now long forgotten. “We knew every line now I can’t remember,” the boys sing, as they dance alongside costumed versions of themselves and their bandmates: There’s Niall as “Harvey the Studio Exec,” Harry as “Marcel the Marketing Guy,” Liam as “Leeroy the Choreographer,” Louis as Tropic Thunder Lee Grossman look-alike “Jonny the Studio Exec,” and the extremely convincing Zayn cross-dressing as “the Sexy Assistant.” Like, very convincing.

Meanwhile, if you’re at all curious what modern-day teenage hormones feel like, it’s this:

One Direction Cross-dresses in ‘Best Song Ever’