Pete Holmes’s TBS Show Is Called ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ and Premieres October 28th

Comedian Pete Holmes’s upcoming late night talk show officially has a start date and a title. It’ll be aptly titled The Pete Holmes Show and premiere on Monday, October 28th. The Conan O’Brien-produced series will air following Conan at midnight on TBS, Monday through Thursday. The Pete Holmes Show was previously called The Midnight Show when it was piloted last year.

Here’s Holmes talking about his plans for the show during an interview with us in March:

We would like it to be similar to the sensibility of Conan. It’s going to be a friendly, light-hearted tree house vibe, like a silly safe place. But merging it with a the stuff that I’ve been doing for the past decade, which is, my style of standup, my style of sketch, and then my style of interview. So when we do the interview at the end, even though its not gonna be three hours, which my podcast can be, I’d like to see you how, for lack of a better word, weird we can make it in six minutes. I want to encourage the guests to ruin the show or not take it serious or whatever. To see what we can do to kind of breath new life into the interview format for that third act of the show.

Check out Pete Holmes’s appearance on Conan last night below:

Pete Holmes’s TBS Show Is Called ‘The Pete Holmes […]