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Let’s Look at Johnny Depp’s Many, Many, Many Hats

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In The Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp’s Tonto wears a dead crow on his head, and while that’s sorta weird, it’d be even weirder to see Depp without something weird on his head. The actor’s predilection for onscreen headgear — whether it’s his Jack Sparrow bandanna or his Willy Wonka top hat — is only exceeded by Depp’s tendency to wear hats offscreen; indeed, he may be the most hatted actor Hollywood has to offer. (Even Samuel L. Jackson doffs his Kangols now and then.) What kinds of hats does Johnny Depp own? What occasions are these different hats most suited for? Which ones are decorated with oversize feathers? Tug on your brim and click forward to find out.

Let’s Look at Johnny Depp’s Many, Many Hats