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New RIAA Rules Mean Jay-Z Will Probably Go Platinum on Day One

“Add that to the fact I went plat a buncha times…”

Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail ad features a lot of lofty talk about writing new rules for the digital age and the “wild wild West” of the Internet. But it wasn’t just hot air — Hova and Samsung’s tactics actually got the Recording Industry Association of America to tweak its system. While it used to take 30 days for albums to be officially certified platinum or gold (“to take into account potential returns of physical product — CDs, cassettes, vinyl, etc. that could be shipped to brick and mortar retailers and returned”), now an album’s digital sales can earn it a shiny certification on day one. Physical sales will still take 30 days to be factored in. The RIAA opines that the old way “no longer makes sense,” and that Jay-Z’s gambit is “a novel and creative marketing move and it has rightly stimulated a healthy conversation about the sale’s meaning and implications for the modern music business.” So Magna Carta Holy Grail will probably be platinum by the end of July 4, unless the 1 million free in-app downloads aren’t redeemed? Still a little fuzzy on that, but sounds right. Billboard, meanwhile, still aren’t budging.

New RIAA Rules: Jay-Z Can Go Platinum on Day One