Sam Elliott to Play Ron Swanson’s Rival on ‘Parks and Rec’

The list of guest stars for Parks and Recreation’s upcoming sixth season continues to grow. TV Line reports that mustachioed character actor Sam Elliott has signed on to play a rival/counterpart to Ron Swanson who does his same job in Pawnee’s rival town of Eagleton and may or may not have a better mustache. It was previously reported that Kristen Bell would be appearing in the same episode, the season’s second, as Leslie Knope’s wealthier and better-dressed Eagleton equivalent.

Parks and Rec’s hour-long season premiere, the show’s first double-length episode, airs September 26th and it takes the gang to London where Leslie Knope is receiving a political award from an international organization. In addition to Sam Elliott and Kristen Bell, the sixth season will also feature guest appearances from Heidi Klum as a Danish politician and Henry Winkler as Jean-Ralphio’s father.

Sam Elliott to Play Ron Swanson’s Rival on ‘Parks and […]