Sandra Bullock Doesn’t Want to Make a Sequel to ‘The Heat’

It looks like a sequel to Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock’s hit buddy cop comedy The Heat may not be happening. Bullock tells EW:

I know they say never say never, but right now, I can’t imagine it. I don’t want to ruin what Melissa and I had. If a miracle happens where [a script] shows up that really and truly outdid the first and provided an experience that was better than the first one, then I would look at it. But I’m not there.

The first movie is a big hit, having grossed $130 million so far, but Bullock referenced past sequels she’s done like Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous and 1997’s Speed 2: Cruise Control to explain why she’s reluctant to sequelize The Heat. “If you look back on my illustrious sequel work [laughs] nothing has proven successful. A sequel is such a daunting thing, because you don’t want to lose the magic and the charm of the first one.” Fox hired Katie Dippold, who scripted The Heat, to write a sequel in April before the first one was even released, and director Paul Feig seems interested in returning, telling Yahoo! Movies, “We’ve got Katie Dippold writing away on one. We had an idea that we thought was really fun.” If Bullock doesn’t agree to do the movie, though, there’s not much they can do with that script.

Sandra Bullock Doesn’t Want to Make a Sequel to ‘The […]