Steven Soderbergh Donated $10,000 to Spike Lee’s Kickstarter

Yesterday, we learned that Spike Lee was trying to use Kickstarter to fund his next film. We noted the super-cool biggest giveaway: For $10,000, Lee will take you to dinner and then a Knicks game, where you’ll sit with him courtside. Well, three people have made $10,000 pledges already and one was director Steven Soderbergh. The two have been friendly since 1989, when they both had films at Cannes (Sex, Lies and Videotape and Do the Right Thing). Lee told Next Movie he “[doesn’t] even know if he likes sports,” but is “really humbled with Steven coming on board.” Lee assumes the other two big spenders are “finance guys,” but we’re going to pretend it was David O. Russell and one of the Coen brothers, because, frankly, that would be cuter.

Soderbergh Donated $10K to Spike’s Kickstarter