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Stephen King Made His Kid Read Anna Karenina Out Loud

In this week’s New York Times Magazine, Susan Dominus goes long on Stephen King and his very writerly family — King’s wife Tabitha, his sons Joe and Owen, and his daughter-in-law Kelly Braffett are all novelists — and we learn a number of things, such as: Stephen King plays an iPad game called “Jetpack Joyride,” and getting edits from your mother is just like getting any other piece of advice from your mother (just do what she says). There is also a bit about how Stephen and Tabitha made their children record personal audiobooks, and one of the selections (for Naomi, the non-writer daughter) was apparently Anna Karenina. 900 pages! Of Russian names! Out loud! Honestly, that is scarier than any Stephen King novel.

Stephen King Made a Kid Read Anna Karenina Aloud