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Syfy’s Sharknado in Five GIFs

Did you watch Syfy’s Sharknado last night? Thanks to Twitter, it felt like everyone was watching the network’s latest absurd and charmingly low-budget movie. Sharknado’s big names, Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, did a fine job being recognizable, and the rest of the cast worked the green screen like it was their day job.

Ian Ziering’s money shot, when he flew up into a shark’s belly to rescue his romantic interest from the inside, is perhaps the film’s most rewarding moment.

Unless you’re a John Heard fan.

The fluid CGI appeared in even the most unexpected places.

Tara Reid did a lot of panicked looking.

But perhaps the real stars of the show were the sharks themselves, who defied all laws of physics and nature by flying. Imagine all your life you’re just a sea-dwelling creature who wants to fly, and then a tornado swings by, throwing you up into the air. Imagine.

Syfy’s Sharknado in Five GIFs