knock knock it's tig notaro

Tig Notaro Is Doing Stand-up in People’s Homes and Filming a Showtime Documentary

This summer, the lethally honest, breast cancer-surviving comedian known as Tig Notaro will perform in people’s homes, with Showtime making a documentary out of it. The premise for Knock Knock, It’s Tig Notaro sounds a bit like the special Maria Bamford filmed in her home, performing solely for her parents, only this one will feature more living rooms and strangers. Applications are happening at; “We want to know who you are and where you live, we want to know who you would invite to the show, and we want you to tell us why you would be the ideal host for a Tig Notaro performance. Finally, we want to know where you would ask Tig to perform; all ideas are welcome!” Watch Tig’s announcement video here, unless you’re already typing why she should come to your house.

Tig Notaro Performing in Fans’ Homes, Filming It