Proof That Now and Then Is Basically Sex and the City

Chances are if you watched Now and Then as a tween, you watched Sex and the City as a twenty-something. What you may not have realized, given the years between the two, is that they are the same. Now and Then’s Samantha (played by Gaby Hoffmann, whose Crystal Fairy comes out today) is SATC’s Carrie: thoughtful, a writer, an eventual smoker with daddy issues, and the one who does voiceovers. Chrissy is Charlotte: prissy, prudish, traditional, and opposed to swearing. Roberta is Miranda: tough, guarded, shouty, and a tomboy. And Teeny is Samantha: She loves men. Normally, pointing out that pop culture’s four female archetypes apply to characters whether they are 12 or 32 would agitate us. But in this case, it’s just fabulous.

Video: Now and Then Is Sex and the City