Vine 5 Film Festival: Please Don’t Remind Me

Vine is a toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very least, challenges comedians to bring a little more laughter into this world. Every Tuesday we showcase five of the funniest short shorts of the past week.

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This week: Bo Burnham performs more magic, Bottlerocket discovers a really effective way to get out of bed, an ice cream cone knows nothing of Icarus, a man faces his mortality, and Michael Cera watches a movie.


By Bo Burnham

With Lamorne Morris

Bo Burnham and New Girl’s Lamorne Morris had a Vine playdate this past week that produced two funny videos. The first seemed to show that Morris is acting out over the news that Coach will be returning to the Fox sitcom next season. The second one, exhibited above, proves that Burnham’s magic still needs a little work, and once he figures out how to harness all of his power he might become too powerful. Morris broke character at the end of the vine, but maybe it was really Burnham, so assigning any blame for Falloning the bit would be exhausting and ultimately pointless.

“The Nickelback Alarm Clock. Available at Target”

By Bottlerocket

Chuck Klosterman’s recent self-discovery that he doesn’t hate any bands anymore was one of the more depressing things I had read in a very long time. If you don’t feel enough passion to hate a group of men and/or women for their hack lyrics, disingenuous posturing,unoriginal and annoying vocals and for being Canadian than you’re dead inside. Bottlerocket understands this, and created a vine that seems really obvious in retrospect but had not been conceived or shot until now, ironic that Bottlerocket loves to joke about how he’s always one step behind on ideas.

“The First Rule of Tiny Ice Cream Buddy…”

By Kurt Braunohler

Kurt Braunohler - who kind of looks like Klosterman with the beard - will never forgive himself for opening up to a tiny ice cream cone with googly eyes. He made the mistake of taking the mistaken leap of logic that said if a food developed eyes it was intelligent enough to know it could not spend much time in the sun. The pacing of the four scenes was absolutely perfect; the singing of a joyful Kurt in the open making the ending all the more depressing.

“Little Me Through the Ages”

By Nick Turner

Nick Turner also utilizes the effective trick of joyful sing-songing to set viewers up for a crushing, totally depressing ending. Good job, Nick. “Little Me Through the Ages“‘s concluding image of Turner really sells the whole thing because it isn’t a textbook “I’m sad” look, but a look like he legitimately just realized that time works linearly.

“Michael Cera finally watches ‘The Sixth Sense’”

By Ridd Sorensen

Spoilers, I guess. Even though Michael Cera’s career seems to continue just to shatter the image everyone has had of him after Arrested Development and Superbad, Ridd’s impersonation is perfectly technically inaccurate and incredulous to the reveal. Sorensen also managed to make Marty McFly and Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown watch Jaws together.

Playing in Theater 2

Nobody Showed Up to Mr. Feeny’s Birthday by Avery Monson

That’s what happens when you stalk the neighbor’s son.

Geckoholic by Jamie Lee

Geckos are getting a lot of commercial work lately.

Bye Gary! by Eric Stonestreet

Gary is Stonestreet’s eternally happy-go-lucky, wholesome friend who doesn’t watch The Killing like a normal person.

If Your Coworker was a Cat by Rachow

Co-starring Haley Phair, shot by Jim Badershall. At least with a job you can afford a lint brush.

Game of Thrones Adds a New Character For Season 4 - Lisa of the Long Island Jewish Clan by Shawn Ryan

Starring Cathy Ryan. The Shield, The Chicago Code, and Last Resort creator is shamelessly jockeying for a job on the HBO series.

Vine 5 Film Festival: Please Don’t Remind Me